Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my appointment?

Payments can be made by cash or cheque (I will always have change on me if needed).

What will my first visit include?

During your first visit I will go through a thorough consultation, a postural assessment (please bring shorts or wear underwear you are comfortable in) and if needed any range of movement and orthopaedic testing. After which you will receive one hour hands on treatment followed by appropriate exercises to do at home. Subsequent visits will include a short debrief of how you have been since your previous massage, followed by the treatment and any relevant exercises.

What will the massage feel like?

A variety of techniques will be used within one treatment incorporating eastern and western approaches: This will begin with eastern amma techniques which will stimulate acupressure points along your body's major meridians,  myofascial techniques will be used without any oil to elongate the fascia (connective tissue) followed by broad strokes to help warm the muscle tissues and sooth your nervous system relaxing your body. Specific trigger point work will allow to relieve areas of muscular tension and/or pain and finally stretches will be used to increase joint mobility. Do not hesitate to ask questions or mention if you feel any discomfort so that an alternative approach can be taken. Massage is most effective when your body is not resisting.

What to expect following treatment?

Most clients feel a sense of deep relaxation following treatment. Please also be aware that there are a number of natural reactions which can occur. These may include; tenderness, soreness, heat or redness around the area treated. This is quite normal and are part of the healing process within the tissue. They usually last between 24 to 72 hours.

Will I be covered during my massage?

Yes. You will be fully draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. Only the area being massage will be exposed.

What should I wear?

It doesn’t matter. You will be asked to undress down to your underwear for the massage and get on the massage coach and under the towel - I will be outside the treatment room and will come in once you say you are ready. It’s worth noting that during the postural assessment you will need to undress down to your underwear so wear something appropriate. I recommend you bring shorts for this and women bring a sports bra/crop top.

What is my role during a massage therapy treatment?

Just to make yourself comfortable. I will either move you or ask you to move if I need to adjust your position, otherwise you are free to adjust yourself for maximum comfort, whatever feels good is the rule! Many of my clients like to close their eyes, others like to talk and perhaps ask questions about the therapy.

Are you insured?

Yes I am insured to practice through Balens Insurance.