Meet our team of practitioners

We are a community of skilled therapists passionate about working with the body. We believe that no one should live in pain (physical / psychological) or discomfort and will work with you to rebalance and restore you.


Minia Alonso

- Combining passion and knowledge to heal -

She is a fully qualified Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. What this means is that she uses skilled manual manipulation combined with her in-depth knowledge of anatomy to offer the highest quality treatments to effectively relieve pain and...Read More


Ali Cook - Massage

- Bringing her skills and knowledge into your pain relief -

Ali has over 18 years' massage experience and, as a clinical massage therapist loves using her knowledge and wide toolbox of skills to help her clients move out of pain, as well as giving them a space where they can relax, recuperate and get ready to face the world again.
Having been a PA for 25 years, she has first hand experience of what sitting at a desk all day can do to your body which helps her hands...Read More


Fara Harrington - Acupuncture

- Where ancient knowledge meets modern healing -

Fara specialises in Japanese Acupuncture and Herbs and offers treatments for a variety of ailments that include, but are not limited to: stress/anxiety, musculoskeletal pains, digestive disorders, migraines, and…Read More